Favorite Spots: Reykjavic

Here is some more about our recent Iceland adventure. Previously I wrote about the Geysers and Waterfalls, Reykjavik is a nice contrast to all the hiking and nature. We had originally planned to only spend one day in Reykjavik but as we soon found there was plenty to see and visit that we adjusted our plans to add an extra half a day there. Here are some of our favorite spots to check out and things to do.Read More »

Iceland: Geysers and Waterfalls

In September we took a trip to Iceland, it was a great experience and we can’t wait to go back when Emilie is older and I am not pregnant so we can explore so much more. Our first full day in Iceland we were anxious to go see the sights and also to stretch our legs after all that time traveling. We headed out to see some of Iceland’s most famous sights. We decided to start with the Great Geysir and Gullfoss. ​Read More »