Our Summer Bucket List

Summer is almost here! After such a long winter we’re so excited to enjoy summer. The days are getting longer and warmer and Popsicle’s and pools are starting to make appearances. Sometimes summer can be a stressful time, the pressure to create fun experiences and memories can sometimes over shadow the actual memory making and enjoyment of the experience. I’ve found that the fun of summer has been completely renewed for me now that I have kids. Simple fun is what they love, yesterday they played with Tupperware and water on the deck for hours. Its a wonderful reminder that summer shouldn’t be made stressful with pressure to create big plans but should be reduced to its simplest joys.The other night at dinner we talked about things we would like to do this summer, getting Emilie’s input was very grounding and reassuring that simple fun outside together is the best way to enjoy this beautiful season. Here is our summer bucket list.

fly kites

have picnic lunches and dinner outside

build sandcastles

eat ice cream

work in our garden

explore some small towns in New England

try new summer recipes and cook with what we grow in the garden

see a parade


go to an outdoor concert, festival, or event

find fireflies

have a camp out

make fun new Popsicles

visit a farm to pick fresh fruit and see a cow

learn to swim (This is one of Emilie’s)

go to the beach all the time

This wonderful list came from all of us nothing crazy, nothing over the top in it just fun things we can do together. Happy summer everyone!!

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