A Winter Walk at the Old North Bridge

We love living in Massachusetts, specifically where we live. We live right outside Boston and history seems to be everywhere you look. Its incredible to be able to take a quick trip to see a place the that monumentally changed the history of the world.

DSC_0039 (1)

Despite it being absolutely freezing we bundled up and hopped in the car for a quick drive to The Old North Bridge in Concord. I had been there several times because I grew up in the area, and was an absolute history nerd as a kid, but Dillon hadn’t been yet.

Despite the freezing weather it is always a worth while visit. If you live in the area and can go back as much as you want you could make your old North Bridge the only stop on your visit. However, if you only have a day in the area I would add a few other stops to local sights including the Minute Man National Historic Park, the Battle Green in Lexington, Orchard House, The Old Manse, The Robbins House, and more.


As I mentioned before I’ve been here a few times, my favorite time to visit is in the fall once the leaves have turned, its picturesque New England then. If you are visiting beginning to mid April check the events schedule on the Minute Man Historic Park website to find the dates of re-enactments, demonstrations, and more commemorating the Battle and Patriots Day.


It is great place to take your time to walk and appreciate the magnitude of what happened on the same ground you are walking on.


There are markers along way memorializing events and informing visitors to the details of the battle. The famous statue of the minute man, the grave of the British soldiers and the obelisk stand as reminders of that day.

DSC_0045 (1)DSC_0088

If you are in New England or Boston a visit to this spot is well worth and great to bring kids to, what they get out of it will depend on their age of course. Emilie at two only understands that something important that happened long ago happened there, and that I think is a good start.

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