What’s in my suitcase: Iceland in September

Packing for a trip is hard enough, add in somewhere you’ve never been before, a climate that is unpredictable, and a toddler and its just bonkers. As always we had a few missteps, forgetting a back up pair of mittens, losing a boot on the way but we made it. Our trip was awesome and we are looking forward to going back to Iceland again soon. Here is what we packed for 7 days in Iceland’s Reykjannes Pennisula, Reykjavik and North of Reykjavik in September, hopefully it will be helpful to you when you are attempting to pack for your Iceland adventure.


It is wet there, like really rainy and wet so waterproof boots are a must. If you are doing serious hiking you’re going to want to bring your waterproof hiking boots/shoes.  However because we were traveling with our 1 and a half year old and I was seven months pregnant we knew we wouldn’t be hiking anything crazy so instead I opted to bring my LL Bean Duck Boots. I love my Bean Boots and they were absolutely perfect for this trip, they are waterproof and much much easier to get around in than wellies which can be really heavy and cumbersome. I also brought a pair of sneakers. Dillon opted for his Merrells and Bean Boots which worked perfectly for him. For Emilie we brought her Red Hunter Wellies, her favorite shoes in the whole world, sadly we lost one boot getting on the flight (we are still baffled as to how that happened…) and had to get her boots when we arrived (the Hunter Wellies were replaced as soon as we arrived home). We ended up getting her Viking boots, and yes they are red as well, they have ended up being great snow boots and we have gotten a ton of use out of them.

Rain Jacket:

Again, it’s wet there so you really want to bring a waterproof coat, water resistant won’t cut it. We opted to bring light raincoats and wear layers of sweaters and fleece under them and it worked perfectly. I went with my Charles River Apparel New Englander rain coat and Dillon brought his Black Dog rain coat, this is a similar one. We did bring a raincoat for Emilie, and a puffer coat as well and kept it in the car so we always had the extra jacket if it was really cold.


Its all about layering. One minute the sun is shinning the next its down pouring. I brought two warm wool sweaters including my Aran sweater (traditional, made in Ireland Aran sweaters are completely worth the investment), a fleece, and two active wear zip ups. Being seven months pregnant I had to get a bit creative as most of my regular clothes didn’t fit. Dillon went with one wool LL Bean waterfowl sweater, and an LL Bean sweatshirt, can you tell we like LL Bean? For Emilie we packed her Aran sweater and a few cotton sweaters along with about five cotton and thermal long sleeve shirts.


For shirts we each brought about four long sleeve cotton shirts and 2 thermal ones.


Everyone said to bring waterproof pants, Dillon and I skipped on this since we weren’t going to be going on really long hikes or snowy locations, Dillon ended up wearing jeans, I mixed it up with jeans and leggings and we were both just fine. I did keep an extra pair of pants for each of us in the car. We did bring waterproof pants for Emilie which I highly recommend for small adventurous kiddos who are into jumping in puddles, otherwise we would have changed her pants about 20 times a day.


Bring warm socks, bring lots, there’s nothing worse than cold wet feet as my grandfather always tells us.  We all brought Smartwool socks, which we love. They are great for walking or hiking and great to wear around the house or wherever you are staying as wearing shoes in the house is considered impolite there.


A warm wool beanie is great, we each brought two. For Emilie we brought both a wool and a fleece hat, both with ear flaps, it does get windy.


Bring them! I love my ll bean  – — gloves mostly because they are so warm but thin enough I can use a phone or camera with them. Dillon has the same pair. We brought Emilie’s regular mittens and bought her a back up pair or Icelandic wool when we were there.


We also brought two non hiking outfits each for when we went to Reykjavik. Reykjavik is a pretty trendy city, most locals wear really nice outerwear and trendy clothes, think European with really nice puffer coats. You probably don’t want to wear your hiking stuff there. We did just fine with nice dark jeans and nice sweaters and non hiking shoes. Unless you’re going to an event, venue of restaurant with a dress code, you probably don’t need to go dressier than that.



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