Our Favorite Cape Cod Beaches in Winter


We always feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful place and try to always take full advantage of it. We love to go to the beach year round. I think people generally think of the beaches on Cape Cod only in the summer time but they are just as beautiful the rest of the year too and with proper bundling it can be just as fun too!

Recently we took advantage of some warmer weather to head to the beach for a walk and some shell collecting! I thought I would share some of our favorite beaches to visit in winter.

Dowses Beach

One of our favorite local beaches in summer and winter is Dowses, in the summer it is open to residents with beach stickers only. This beach has a rock jetty, gorgeous views and two side offering two completely different beautiful view and experiences. But in the winter it is beautiful and on the marsh side its great for finding shells.

Craigville Beach

Craigville Beach is where I grew up. My grandparents live on main street in Centerville and for a while my parents did to so we used to bike down to Craigville in the summer, while it can get crowded in the summer in the winter its pretty empty. It is a perfect beach for walking and shell collecting.

Marconi Beach

all of the national seashore is gorgeous anytime of year, but I love Marconi in the winter. It is generally empty and a great place for long walks and thinking or catching a glimpse of a seal or two.


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