Russell Orchards


This year we made our annual trip to Russell Orchards, in Ipswich, MA. We have been going as a family every year since I was a baby. I love now being able to share this special place with Emilie. There is no better way to start off fall in New England than by picking apples. Russell Orchards has a great pick your own apple selection, along with farm animals, pumpkin patches, a farm stand store, a winery, and an apple cider press.


Our first stop was to see the animals, the ducks and chickens roam free here much to Emilie’s delight. The bunnies, donkey, and horse were the highlight of the day. Bring your quarters because you can put them in a machine and get food for the animals. ​


There are several areas to pick up pumpkins including a pumpkin patch.


Next we headed to the orchards to start picking, by this time the sun was shining and the day was warm and beautiful. We took the hayride to the orchard, its a quick ride and the cost is included with the pick your own fee.

We are happy to pick whatever type of apple is in the orchard at the time, but if you are looking for something specific you can check out their website to see when a particular variety is ready for harvesting.


After picking we stopped by the farm stand, its located in a beautiful old barn. On one end of the barn is a floor to ceiling glass window where you can watch apples being pressed into cider by an old fashion press. If you love apple cider doughnuts, my husband assures me that Russell Orchard is the best. Fair warning the line for the freshly made doughnuts can get pretty long as the day goes on. The winery is also located in the barn.


If you are looking to make a longer day of your trip to Russell Orchard, Ipswich is a beautiful town with some great locations such as Crane Beach and Crane Estate to check out.


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